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To make life smart, and smart simple
Listed in the New OTC market in China (Stock code: 870976)
KNX Waltz Touch+ Pad
As one of the China's earliest high-tech enterprises engaged in building intelligence, GVS (Stock Code: 870976) is dedicated to providing smart home and building intercom system products and services for global high-end residential and commercial spaces.
Milestone Events
GVS was established with the focus on the R&D of core parts in video intercom area.
GVS became the KNX member in China and officially entered the field of building intelligence.
GVS became a public company by entering NEEQ (the NEW OTC).
GVS survived & thrived with 30% annual net growth in 2020 & 2021 dispite COVID-19.
GVS was successfully listed in BSE (Beijing Stock Exchange).
Main Business
Smart Home

Providing highly stable smart home systems specifically designed for high-end residences and commercial spaces.

Smart Lighting

Achieving intelligent and efficient control of lighting through the K-BUS smart control system, providing users with an energy-saving, efficient, customizable, and stable lighting environment.

Video Intercom

GVS provides customized solutions for different requirements in analog and digital building intercom systems, while maintaining cost-effectiveness and high performance with our abundant product portfolio.

Seize the opportunity to explore GVS' remote maintenance solution with IP Interface 3.0 – comprehensive, secure, user-friendly, and quick-responding! Dive into a system designed for seamless operations and discover ...
> Project category: Complex Building> Project type: New project> Year of completion: 2023> Size of project(m²): 450,000> Number of devices used: 383Detailed DescriptionEnergy EfficiencyThe smart lighting system optimize...
Buil-in Alarm FunctionUsers have the flexibility to customize alarm thresholds with the KNX CO₂ Sensor. It seamlessly activates switches or scenario functions based on different levels. For instance, when the indoor CO₂...
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