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Dongguan Vanke City Plaza

"Let the building praise life" is the core concept of Vanke. In order to realize the harmonious symbiosis between people and buildings. GVS offer all the actuators and input modules for Dongguan Vanke City Plaza Project, all the devices passed CE certificate, environmentally friendly and has no pollution to the environment.

At the mean time, GVS equipped the K-BUS intelligent control system based on KNX international standard technology for the project, and equipped the winswitch 3 central control software for the shopping mall and the Grade A office central control room computer to centrally control the whole Building, and each floor was installed a triple 86 intelligent button panel for regional control, which is convenient for administrative personnel to manage and maintain the lighting in public areas, and create an ideal living space for consumers and office workers.

In combination with the project requirements, GVS customized the holiday mode for the Vanke City Plaza in Dongguan. The normal business model, rest mode and cleaning mode can activate the corresponding scene mode for different passenger flow conditions.

With the vision of "becoming a leader in the real estate industry and a brilliant green enterprise", Vanke is also a harmonious ecological builder. In the Grade A office project of Vanke City Plaza, GVS gave its own smart lighting solution by creating a comfortable Environment for office workers, improving system energy efficiency and saving energy.

We link with Brightness and motion sensor in with lighting control system.  To automaticly detect the passenger, when no one is in the state of being closed. Make the scene of turning on when people pass, turn off when people leave. And the setting of the upper/off time function, help buildings to reduce energy consumption, save energy and promote sustainable development of people and nature.


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