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K-BUS(KNX) system

K-BUS (Exclusive KNX Solution)

GVS's smart control system, which is based on the KNX standard and has independent intellectual property rights
Future-oriented intelligent systems should be stable, secure, and scalable
Stability is the foundation
Stability is the foundation

We choose the stable and open-source KNX technology, which is the only open international standard in the field of smart homes and building control.

GVS KNX solution are meticulously designed and developed to meet rigorous global certification requirements, including KNX and CE. By prioritizing high standards, we ensure that our products seamlessly integrate into the KNX ecosystem while offering advanced automation and control capabilities.

Security is a guarantee
Security is a guarantee

September 2021, GVS successfully passed the protocol stack certification (KNX-07B0-Secure).

July 2022, we launched products that support KNX security, including European standard keypads, 4-channel multifunctional actuators, IP interfaces, and more.

Innovation is at the core
Innovation is at the core

Our industry-leading M+O integration products have broken down protocol barriers, enabling seamless connectivity between wired and wireless systems. These innovative solutions offer bothstability and flexibility.

Advantages of the K-bus system
Adhering to national and international standards

Adhering to recommended Chinese national standards, international standards, European standards, and American standards.

Compliant with technical specifications for Australia and New Zealand.

Environment-friendly and energy-efficient

Our products utilize various intelligent methods such as timing control, human body sensing, constant illuminance management, and energy monitoring. Compared to traditional products, they can achieve over 30% energy savings.


More than 500 leading manufacturers worldwide are developing products under the KNX protocol. This has resulted in over 8,000 smart home products on the market being able to interconnect and communicate with each other.

Multiple networking options

Our products support multiple networking options, including linear, star, and tree topologies, allowing for flexible selection based on specific requirements and effective cost savings in construction.

Powerful integrated functionality and open compatibility.

Our products can be applied to various systems, including lighting, shading, HVAC, security, and more.

Our products are compatible with and can be integrated with other systems. 

Each KNX system can accommodate over 61,000 devices.

A long-standing and widely used technology

With over 30 years of global service experience, our technology is mature and widely used in residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Stable and reliable.

Intercommunication is carried out through dedicated cables, providing strong signal stability and anti-interference capabilities.

Each device runs independently, which means that a single device failure will not cause the entire system to malfunction.

Unified troubleshooting software and wiring methods

Our products use unified configuration software (ETS) and wiring methods, enabling efficient troubleshoot. Our team of professional KNX technicians guarantees high-quality project deployment.


With KNX Secure technology, our products are deeply defended against malicious attacks, network viruses, and unauthorized control.

Diverse smart home solutions

Our product line is divided into K-BUS (KNX bus), K-SMART (ZigBee 3.0 wireless), and M+O fusion products, which can meet the application needs of diverse scenarios and fields.

Guaranteed performance and quality

We strictly control the quality of the entire product lifecycle.

Our standard products must pass KNX and CE certification to ensure interconnectivity and security.

High Stability, High Security, High Compatibility

Efficient Remote Operation and Maintenance Services.

Powerful System Integration and Expansion Capability.

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