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Xi'an Hua Qing Yu Tang Hotel

The hotel is located on the south side of Jiulong lake, a national 5A scenic spot, adjacent to the beautiful mount of Lishan, with an overall L-shaped layout, with a total length of 485 meters and an area of 27,580 square meters.

One thousand year royal imperial hot spring, contributed to the high quality of HuaQing royal soup hotel, accommodation in numerous royal yard are using the K - BUS hotel room control system, the successful application of the K - BUS intelligent lighting control system interior soup house, outdoor public Shang Chi, SPA area, the SPA room, conference room, the four seasons of tea, royal imperial cuisine estates and other public areas.According to the feedback from the hotel management, after using the k-bus intelligent lighting control system, the shutter control can save energy by 40%, the separate room control can save energy by  50%, the lighting control can save energy by  60%, and through the risk control system can save energy by 40%.




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