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Zhongjian·Guanggu Star

Developed by the China Construction Third Bureau Investment and Development Corporation, Zhongjian·Guanggu Star is a large-scale complex in the Guanggu area. It is also an urban complex characterized by ecological energy conservation. The total construction area of the project is 1.0075 million square meters. The east of the Wuhan Mountain Range - the side of Lushan Mountain, adjacent to the East Lake High-tech Management Committee and the National Forest Park, seamlessly connected with Metro Line 11 and Wuhan's first BRT.

The office building of the Hsinchu Star H block headquarters of the China Construction Third Bureau is about 95 meters long and has 20 floors. As the new headquarters building of the China Construction Third Bureau, the China Construction Third Bureau Guanggu Star is very strict with all the supporting requirements. It not only gathers the oriental charm and international quality but also follows the China Construction·Guangu Star Star Green Energy Saving Technology System. Create ecological energy conservation. Among them, the intelligent building is an important part of the China-based Optics Valley Green Energy-saving Technology System.

In this project, the GVS product module of the China Construction Third Bureau Guanggu Star Headquarters uses a large number of GVS product modules, such as KNX mobile and constant illumination sensors, 5-inch smart touch panel, bus power supply, DALI dimming module, switch module, etc. based on KNX. The protocol's smart products enable intelligent lighting, dimming and motion sensing control in public areas, as well as automatic adjustment of office interior brightness.




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