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Xichang Satellite Launch Base

At 23:30 on June 12, 2016, China successfully launched the 23rd Beidou navigation satellite with the Long March 3C carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The GVS K-BUS intelligent lighting system fully utilizes its stable, energy-saving and high-efficiency characteristics, and helps the new Xichang satellite launching base command center to successfully complete the launch mission.


Command and Control Hall: K-BUS intelligent lighting control system consisting of remote control equipment, GVS intelligent keypad, intelligent 5-inch touch screen, multi-channel dimming module and opening and closing module, realizes all lighting and lighting in the command and control hall. Centralized control; visual operation also makes management more convenient and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection.


The K-BUS intelligent lighting control system automatically adjusts the illumination to maintain constant illumination in the room. Maintaining the overall performance and lighting effects of the lighting provides the best, most stable and reliable lighting environment for the system operators in the command hall.


On the intelligent 5-inch touch screen, a variety of scene modes are also set for the command and control center, and the staff can realize the preparation mode, the energy-saving mode, the working mode, the waiting mode, and the like with one button.

By reference to the advanced KNX technology in Europe (the technology has already had European standards as early as 2003, became an international standard in 2006, and became the Chinese standard in 2013.) GVS innovation and mastery of hardware based on KNX The core technology of software, communication protocol, chip, etc., has successfully developed the K-BUS intelligent control system with independent intellectual property rights. With the standard interpretation technology, the stable characteristics of the system fully meet the strict first threshold of the project. 

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