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Guangzhou Carton King

In July 2015, the “Carton King”, the first brand of Baodao Culture and Creative, which has been operating in Taiwan for 9 years, officially entered the 1850 Creative Park, which gave birth to its first store in Guangzhou, “Guangzhou Carton King”.


Strolling in the carton king of Guangzhou, the entire store is striking with a simple design, soft lighting scattered on the various paper products, releasing a warm color and temperature. Matching the overall minimalist style, the store uses the GVS intelligent control system to achieve integration and scene control of the entire store, eliminating the need to control the circuit and electrical appliances through one-to-one button switches. Therefore, whether it is beautiful lighting, moderate air conditioning or PPT demonstration in conference mode, all come from the management of GVS intelligent control system, and GVS visual sound is full of technology and aesthetics. The cultural style of the store.



Guangzhou Carton King will use technology to connect paper art and bring users the ultimate experience. Among them, the introduction of GVS intelligent control system is a collision between cutting-edge intelligent technology and avant-garde paper creativity. The result of the collision is to provide Give users the ultimate environmental enjoyment.



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