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Wuhan University Liberal Arts Complex


In recent years, “safety and energy conservation management has become one of the important topics for the sustainable development of today's society.” Energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and efficiency have become a concern. The introduction of the GVS K-BUS intelligent school control system has given this historic school. - Wuhan University has injected new power into it, giving it a fresh sense of technology!

Wenke Comprehensive Building: The lighting of each floor of the teaching building is automatically managed by the system, and the system automatically adjusts the lighting effect according to the running time of the school.

Conference room, lecture hall: The conference room can meet the intelligent control requirements of approach, conference start, projection, seminar, chairman speech, etc. Different response modes can be established according to the progress of the conference.

Public corridors, halls and elevator halls of the teaching building: The lighting of the public corridors, halls and elevator halls of the teaching building is controlled by clock control software and intelligent panels to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

Donor Office: A smart button panel is installed in the donor's office to control indoor lighting, control lighting in a timed and commutated area, and have lighting scene control.

Data Center, Ancient Books: Install smart button panels in the data center and ancient books to control the indoor lighting circuit and have lighting scene control functions to provide a stable and comfortable reading environment.


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