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Eco City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL Eco City, a new landmark in the Bangsar area, is a world-class urban complex that exudes extraordinary architectural style. It is the first integrated top-level commercial office and high-end retail store. The green luxury development of world-class residential and luxury residential towers is also the first development of a gold-certified commercial and residential complex in the Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI). At present, GVS K-BUS intelligent control system has been used to make parcel 3 buildings (4 areas per building) boutique office and parcel B 1 44-story office building, which realizes the public lighting control of the whole building, including the aisle and corridor. , stairs, etc. In addition, there are public lighting parts such as parking lots, shopping malls, etc. The total number of using GVS KNX devices is up to 587.


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