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The 5th Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University is a well-known top three hospital in Guangzhou, focusing on creating a green ecological medical environment. GVS has customized intelligent lighting solutions for the hospital's clinical complex, and intelligently upgraded the public lighting area of the building for the majority of patients. Illuminate the road to recovery.

The implementation of GVS intelligent lighting project includes public areas such as aisles, stairs, and halls. The building has a total of 23 floors. It has two distribution boxes for each floor, and it is integrated with the EIB bus through weak electric wells to comprehensively control the lighting in the area.

On the 9th to 20th floors of the building, the floor shape is L-shaped. The two nurse stations on each floor are equipped with a 3.5-inch smart touch panel as the two master controls of the layer for centralized control and integrated with timing control. At the same time, the hospital fire room computer equipped with winswitch 3 central control software by GVS, through the audio and GVS IP router to achieve KNX into TCP / IP protocol, remote monitoring of the entire building underground 3 floors and ground 20 layer of intelligent lighting system and control.

The realization of functions such as timing, concentration and remote control greatly facilitates the management and maintenance of hospital staff in public areas, avoids the complicated switching work of traditional lighting, reduces unnecessary waste of personnel, and creates a comfortable lighting environment for hospitals. At the same time, improve system energy efficiency and save energy.




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