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New Release | Unlock a Breath of Fresh Air with CO2 Sensor

September 20,2023  |  By admin

KNX CO2 Sensor

Buil-in Alarm Function

Users have the flexibility to customize alarm thresholds with the KNX CO₂ Sensor. It seamlessly activates switches or scenario functions based on different levels. For instance, when the indoor CO₂ concentration surpasses the user-defined threshold, the sensor promptly triggers a built-in sound alarm, alerting users to open windows or engage the ventilation system for fresh air circulation.

KNX CO2 Sensor

Realized Intelligent Control

When utilized as a control panel, the device can be seamlessly integrated with the ventilation system to enable intelligent control based on CO₂ concentration. This makes it an ideal option for achieving energy savings while maintaining indoor air quality.

KNX CO2 Sensor

Temperature and humidity detection and control are also implemented on the CO₂ panel.

KNX CO2 SensorKNX CO2 Sensor

Support KNX Secure

The KNX Secure features can be enabled or disabled through ETS. When operating in secure mode, data is effectively protected from unauthorized access and manipulation through encryption and authenticated installation.

KNX CO2 SensorKNX CO2 Sensor

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