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KNX Smart Touch S3

KNX Smart Touch S3

3.3-inch touchscreen with 3 physical buttons, catering to different user interaction preferences.Adhering to the design style of "screen-key integration" of the Waltz Smart Touch+ Pad. The virtual buttons on the touchscreen are integrated with rich functions, providing a user-friendly interactive experience. The physical buttons retain usage habits for many years, while also allowing for customizable one-button control, making it even easier to use.
Product parameter
Dimensions:86 × 86 × 10.5mm
Screen: 3.3-inch touch screen with a resolution
of 480×320
CPU: ARM Cortex-A7, dual-core, with a clock
speed of 1.2GHz
RAM: 128MB
Microphone: Microphone
Speaker: 1-channel speaker, 8Ω 1W, for intercom
and other functions
Communication Interface: 1-fold KNX
Power Supply: 1-channel DC, 9V-36V
Reset Button: Hidden, for device restart
Installation: Compatible with both 60mm and
86mm junction boxes
KNX Smart Touch S3
Multifunctional IoT Smart Screen
Versatile Screen-key Design
Adhering to the design style of \"screen-key integration\" of the Waltz Smart Touch+ Pad. Catering to different user interaction preferences.
Three interactive modes
Support Screen,Button,Remote App control.
KNX Smart home + SIP Video Intercom
Supports integration of KNX devices and SIP video intercom systems, including GVS\' S-series products for one-to-one or one-key group calling.
Flexible Installation
Fits standard 86mm junction boxes and can be installed in a line or row to suit your needs.
Built-in Proximity Sensor
The screen automatically turns on when approached and support brightness adjustment.
3 Button Indicator lights
Automatically changes brigntness based on indoor light levels. Constant on in daily usage.
Remote App Control
Device/Scene synchronization
Device/Scene synchronization
Device/Scene synchronization
Support App Download And Theme Customization
Support App Download And Theme Customization
Support App Download And Theme Customization
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