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Line 13, Guangzhou Metro

The intelligent control system of GVS has been successfully applied in Guangzhou metro line 13, realizing efficient, energy-saving and fully automatic control for guangzhou metro operation.Benefits brought by the intelligent control system of k-bus on guangzhou metro line 13:

Providing comfortable environment: through automatic control of senser equipment, providing comfortable working and travelling environment for staff and passengers in the subway station;

Energy saving: the k-bus system is fully and reasonably used in combination with time logic, constant illumination and human induction control. It can save about 20-30% of electric energy than the stations installed with traditional electrical equipment and reduce unnecessary energy consumption;

Equipment operation optimization: the k-bus system can control the subway lighting and other equipment in an integrated way, so that the equipment can be operated in a reasonable way and effectively monitored. Equipment failure is predicted to extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs;

Improve management efficiency: the k-bus intelligent control technology is used for the integrated control of system equipment, which reduces the input of manpower and material resources in the management of original subway equipment and avoids the equipment damage caused by human error.


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