GuangZhou Pearl river Jinmaofu residence

GVS  provides high-end customized smart home solutions for Pearl river Jinmaofu residence, demonstrating fashion and elegance with intelligent science and technology, displaying the style of high-end technology mansion, helping Pearl river Jinmaofu lead guangzhou to a new height! GVS provides intelligent dimming lighting, intelligent induction lighting, safety prevention, VRV air conditioning control, new risk control system, intelligent curtain control, elevator call, scenario mode, mobile terminal interconnection and other intelligent control and services for pearl river jinmao prefecture.

Intelligent lighting system: when the natural lighting is insufficient, the lighting will be compensated automatically and adjusted to the most comfortable state of human body.The night start mode automatically opens the induction area night light, fully displays the comfortable intelligent lighting life.

Intelligent curtain control system: GVS intelligent curtain control system enables people to automatically open the curtains through mobile phone APP or smart touch panel, enabling people to feel nature and light at home.At the same time, the intelligent curtain control system can also cooperate with the lighting and background music in the home to create a sweet and personalized intelligent life scene.

Security alarm system: the security alarm system can realize intrusion alarm and emergency button function. In case of any accident, it will immediately send a signal to the central intelligent host, and inform the property management center and users in time to fully guarantee the safety of family life and property.

Air conditioning control system: the system can automatically detect the indoor temperature, and automatically set the operating time and mode of the air conditioner, so as to control the indoor temperature and humidity. If the window is opened, the air conditioner will be closed for a long time, so as to create a healthy, comfortable and energy-saving home and living environment for users.