Guangzhou Nansha Jinmao Bay


Xiongyu Pearl Bay starting area, enjoy the 10 billion municipal support, Nansha Jinmao Bay, endorsing the Nansha Free Trade Zone quality real estate project. GVS provides high-end customized intelligent lighting solutions for high-end residential buildings in Nansha Jinmao Bay. It integrates technology into the home with ingenuity, graceful and gorgeous, and opens a new paradigm for Binhai Technology Mansion!

The project's intelligent lighting implementation includes large flat entrances, aisles, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, comprehensive control of all lighting circuits in the area through the central intelligent host, and then equipped with local sound smart keypads and traditional switches. Panel + GVS intelligent switch module, in the scene as a unit, and then integrated into time control, dimming, linkage, logic, blinds control, etc., perfectly fits the positioning of the intelligent and distinguished quality mansion of the Tianzhu Tsuen Wan villa.

With the GVS intelligent lighting system, the owner can customize various lighting scene modes according to their own needs, such as early mode, sleep mode, leisure mode, home mode, home mode, Party mode, etc., even if it is 240m2 At the level, the system can also respond quickly, that is, on and off, to achieve a one-button intelligent control of the scene mode, which is efficient and convenient.