Résidence Marcel Marlier Pension Centre in Tournai, Belgium

Far away 10 km from the French border, the second oldest city in Belgium, Tournai. The high-class holiday pension center Résidence Marcel Marlier built in here, it uses more than 1,500 KNX equipment to meet the needs of the pension center. Dimming, window / roller blind, temperature control, centralized control and other agenda management needs:

Living room: In the bedroom of the nursing home, the chat room, etc., all installed GVS intelligent temperature control panel, perfect adjustment of indoor temperature, give the elderly the "warm home"; in the restaurant, we installed smart button panel to create the best Dining environment.

Counseling room: The health of the body and mind can make you feel warm.

Health care room: Four, eight, and twelve-way switch actuators are installed indoors to achieve preset control of five scenes, safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

Rehabilitation training room: The curtain actuator are installed to adjust the curtains in the morning and bring a good mood in the evening.

Cultural and entertainment room: it was installed the room controller, it is easy to control the functions of switches, dimming, blinds, etc. It is convenient and efficient, allowing the elderly to relax and enjoy leisure and entertainment.

Résidence Marcel Marlier Pension Centre in Tournai, Belgium