Fairmont Abu Dhabi Marina Hotel Abu Dhabi


The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Group has a worldwide reputation and represents aristocratic superiority and ancient heritage. The hotel has customized intelligent temperature control solutions which allow guests to feel at home in a pleasant temperature. 

The implementation scope of the intelligent temperature control project includes 1400 rooms of the hotel, equipped with intelligent temperature control panel, the panel with temperature and humidity sensor, and central air conditioning or floor heating control through intelligent control system, so that the temperature of the room is always ideal. The comfortable living conditions, at the same time, guests can clearly see the temperature and relative humidity changes through the panel and customize the temperature and wind speed as needed.

GVS control system is a bus system based on KNX international standard. The standardized technology, modular structure, flexible configuration and safe and stable operation help the hotel to customize the comfortable living temperature for the guests. Reduce energy consumption and save energy.