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Tuya Smart Thermostat ST100/200

November 10,2023  |  By admin

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat.jpg

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat

SmartTemp ST100/200

  • High resolution LCD touchscreen

  • For both wired and wireless installation

  • Smart Life/Tuya mobile App control

  • Support Alexa & Google Assistant Integration

Fine-tuning The Temperature of Your Dream Home, Anywhere, Anytime

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (3).jpg

True remote control of your living space like never before.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (2).jpg

As you step through the doorway, be embraced by the cozy warmth of your room.

   Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (6).jpg

Wired or Wireless? Your Home, Your Call.

A versatile solution for thermostat control

Install on the wall or use the convenient table stand option.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (8).jpg

Reliable and consistent connection

Stabilize thermostat-receiver communication with 868MHz signal.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (5).jpg

Easy, precise, and hassle-free

Take control remotely via your smartphone. Realize true wireless control at both ends

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (4).jpg


  • Gas boilers

  • Combi boilers

  • Heat pumps


  • Wired installation

  • Wireless installation

Personalize your home with just the way you like it.

Built in Energy Savings Report

Empowers you to take control of your energy usage and make more sustainable choices for a greener home.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (7).jpg

Live to the fullest life with our user-friendly features.

Seamlesely integrate your thermostat into your everyday life.

  • Vacation Mode Settings

  • Heating Schedule

  • Hot Water Schedule

  • 7 Day / 6 Period Programming

  • Proximity Sensing

Be it smart, be it cool!

Powered by GVS advanced M+O solution and compatibility with the Tuya system, the thermostat can seamlessly integrates with existing smart home systems or act as a foundation for expanding your intelligent control.

Smart Touchscreen Thermostat (9).jpg

Contact your sales manager for more information, or simply drop us a line at info@gvssmart.com.

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