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Xi'an Nanfeihong Plaza Smart Lighting Project

October 09,2023  |  By admin

> Project category: Complex Building

Project type: New project

Year of completion: 2023

Size of project(m²): 450,000

Number of devices used: 383

Smart Lighting

Detailed Description

Energy Efficiency

The smart lighting system optimizes energy efficiency through the  placement of motion sensors and logic control modules in public corridors, restrooms, and other areas. The lighting scenes automatically adjust based on the specific time period, activating the lights upon detecting human presence and gradually dimming lighting fixturesl after people leave. With the implementation of the GVS K-BUS smart lighting control system (KNX), energy savings of over 30% can be achieved compared to traditional buildings.

Smart Lighting

Ease of Use

The headquarters reception area on the 26th floor of Tower 2 can be managed with one Z10  Smart Touch for smart control of the office space. Operators can easily configure lighting scenes for daily use. With a simple touch, all lights can be activated upon arrival, curtains can automatically close during lunch breaks while maintaining partial area lighting, and all lights can be turned off simultaneously when leaving. The installation of switch actuators and other module products within the distribution box enables seamless wiring and ensures safety compliance.

Smart Lighting


In line with the principles of comfortable lighting, efficient workspaces, and sustainable energy, the smart lighting solution for the commercial retail spaces in Nanfeihong Plaza, as well as the office spaces in Towers T1 and T2 was achieved through the utilization of the K-BUS intelligent control solution (based on KNX), enabling efficient management of lighting, curtains, HVAC, and other systems. The solution helped the shopping center takes a step further to enhance visitor experience by prominently displaying real-time temperature, humidity, and PM2.5 levels, showcased on the vine-covered walls of the atrium plaza.

Smart Lighting

Applications Used

Lighting: Switching, Dimming, Light Scenes, Timed Control, Automatic Occupancy Detection, Constant Light Control, Lighting Colour Control.

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control, Automatic Occupancy Detection, Individual Room Control / Zone Control.

Blind and Shutter Control: Individual Control, Preset Positioning.

Operation and Visualisation: Switches / Push Buttons, Touch Panels & Display Panels.

Automation and Remote Access: Timed Functions, Logical Functions, System Supervision, Internet Access, Remote Programming, Messaging.

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