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Xiaoshan International Airport

Known as the terminal hall of Xiaoshan Airport, there are 36 check-in counters, including 12 international halls. The process of entering and leaving the port is smooth and fast. There are 12 weak power systems such as flight dynamic display and departure system. The function and technical level are leading domestically.


This year's newly opened VIP dedicated terminal building uses the GVS K-BUS intelligent lighting control system. Adjusting the thresholds of equipment such as lighting, HVAC and shading through changes in airport traffic and weather conditions will not only significantly reduce the energy consumption of the terminal building, but also effectively improve the lighting experience of the terminal building.


The K-BUS intelligent lighting system can centralize and control the different areas in the terminal building, and can also implement various scene settings: daytime waiting mode, night waiting mode, cloudy mode and so on. It provides sufficient protection for the safe and smooth transport of huge passenger flow in the terminal building. At the same time, it also provides passengers with a comfortable and home-like waiting experience.


The K-BUS intelligent lighting control system automatically adjusts the illumination to maintain constant illumination in the terminal. At the same time, it can maintain the overall performance and lighting effects of the lighting, providing the best, most stable and reliable lighting environment for the lounges, shopping areas, toilets and other places in the terminal.