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KNX Smart Touch S7

January 23,2024  |  By admin

The smart control integrates lighting, switches, dimming, curtains, value sender, color temperature, color control (RGB, RGBW, RGBCW), audio control, room temperature control, Air conditioner, Ventilation system control, etc. It not only supports displaying air quality, energy metering, device status, but also support various sensors such as proximity sensor, brightness sensor, temperature and humidity sensorsmeets the requirements of most applications. Additionally, it supports schedule, logic function, scene group function to make your life smarter. As an intercom indoor unit, it supports wired network access and features such as address book import, contact management, SIP visual intercom calls, voice messages, security monitoring, virtual zone management, etc. It also supports various functions like SOS, lock screen, password access, etc.

This product also supports the integration of expand sub-panels. You can choose to purchase compatible sub-panel devices according to your needs, such as 4 button sub-panel, rotary sub-panel, rotary sub-panel with camera , etc. You can also customize the button and rotary functions through the screen, customize the ambient lighting color and flexibly combine applications.

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