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KNX Waltz Touch + Pad

September 23,2021  |  By admin

KNX Smart Touch with push button,3-gang not only supports screen touch operation, but also supports button operation, bringing a sense of dual experience while integrating functions such as Dimming, Curtain, Scene, Room temperature controller, Air conditioning, Ventilation system, Audio control, RGB and RGBW dimming, Colour temperature dimming, and Status display, and built-in temperature and humidity sensors to detect local environment temperature and humidity, meeting most daily applications.

KNX Smart Touch with push button, 3-gang powered from KNX bus, and need a 12-30V DC auxiliary supply voltage. It is available to assign the physical address and configure the parameters by engineering design tools ETS with .knxprod ( support edition ETS5.7 or higher ).

KNX Smart Touch with push button.png

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